Barefoot Flooring in Lake St Louis, MO



Why choose carpet?

To really make your house a home, it has to convey both warmth and comfort. When it comes to capturing this homey feeling, carpet is the unanimous king. After a long day, what better feeling is there than to come home and sit, play, or relax with your family on a brand new carpet floor?

It even possesses stain-fighting technology to fight those occasional accidents and keep your flooring looking new for years to come. In fact, Shaw's R2X; Stain & Soil Resistance system is quickly becoming the fastest-growing protective carpet treatment in the flooring industry. With protective offerings from the top to the bottom of the yarn, you have security from soiling and spills all-day-long.

The truth is your carpet is your canvas. And the atmosphere is in your hands. Contribute to the quiet ambiance of your home with a neutral foundation of traditional colors. Or even make your carpet the focal point of your room with vibrant, stronger, bolder patterns and textures.

Quality carpeting can provide advantages that other flooring cannot. For example, the carpet produced by Shaw Floors is constructed with their flexible carpet backing system called Softbac. Since its creation, it has proven to be built with superior technology that comes with a no-wrinkle guarantee and greater backing adhesive strength making it perfect for high-traffic households. To keep the noise down, Softbac provides a higher sound absorption than most thanks to an increase in insulation capacity. This is all while maintaining unmatched softness and flexibility for any room in your home.

Other offerings include:

  • Stronger less visible seams
  • Resistance to seam peaking
  • Enhanced flexibility in cold weather

And with proper cleaning and maintenance, your carpet will maintain its life and beauty for many years to come.

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Superior noise reduction

Carpet is a great option if you like your peace and quiet. It dampens out loud aggressive footsteps and absorbs sounds from the TVs, radios, and any other sounds throughout the house.

A layer of protection & comfort

When the kids are playing or your pets run to the door to greet you, carpet is great to stop those slips and falls from occurring. Its thick build and all-around cushion are enough to soften the blow from any fall.

Beauty and style

Carpet can add warmth, beauty, and style to any room by providing a sense of comfort and relaxation. The combination of textures and colors available are endless, making it is easy to create a unique custom look for your space.