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Why choose ceramic tile?

Tile looks great anywhere in a home and certainly adds value. It is often thought of as an investment. Glazed tiles have a hard protective top layer shielding them from water and stains. The combination of tile sizes, shapes, and colors makes almost any design possible.

Ceramic is likely one of the longest-lasting flooring options when installed correctly. Its flexibility allows tile to be installed on the walls and even the ceiling, expanding the possibilities of this dynamic option.

With a vast collection of beautiful colors and stone looks, ceramic provides a great option for those who love variety and creativity that can last for decades.

A ceramic flooring company that excels at their craft — St. Charles tile installation

With every tile installation we perform at Barefoot Flooring comes a set of high expectations. Your home is your castle, and we want to make sure that every piece of it fits your liking. Our professional floor installers are precise at their craft and treat every measurement and install like it is the most important one. We want to help your dream renovations turn into a reality. And with quality service and expert tile installation, we know there is no better choice than St. Charles' premier tile store.

Contact us or visit our showroom located in Lake Saint Louis. There, one of our flooring specialists will help you choose from hundreds of different ceramic flooring options and help you decide which one is the best for your home. There are no high-pressure sales tactics or gimmicks with our flooring specialists. Just honest opinions and guidance to help you get closer to the room that you have been waiting for.

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Endless possibilities

Ceramic can be cut at any depth, shape, and size you want. And of course, the colors and opacity can be customized making it a perfect option for any room. Because of the materials natural properties, it is a great option if you are looking to work with a heated sub-layer.


Tile is normally made out of raw materials like sand, glass, and clay. More and more, the materials that make up tile are being combined with recycled materials. Even after installation, they can reduce your environmental impact by keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The healthy choice

Some artificial floors can release volatile organic compounds after production. Ceramic is exposed to high heat when it is finished, eliminating that possibility. If you have asthma or allergies, installing ceramic could help decrease your symptoms because of a strong ability to quickly clean up and spot dust.