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Why vinyl is the perfect fit for your home

Vinyl has been taking over the flooring market for a while now and it comes at no surprise why. It's an affordable option that offers durability, beauty, and unmatched style.

There are a variety of textures, colors, and styles that perfectly resemble any hardwood, ceramic, or stone option. Best of all, it comes in a variety of styles such as luxury vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tiles, and vinyl sheets.

It's the perfect answer to simplicity. Vinyl offers easy maintenance and cleaning. And best of all, it is 100% waterproof, making it an excellent option for kitchens, bathrooms, or basements.

Quality work from trained flooring specialists — St. Charles vinyl installations

Getting the most out of your home flooring starts with the quality of work that goes into installation. Our flooring technicians are skilled and experienced with vinyl flooring installations and provide the peace of mind you need during home renovations. There is a reason we have become a favorite among the residents of St. Charles County. It's because we take pride in the time it takes to beautifully install a new vinyl floor.

By contacting us or visiting our showroom in Lake Saint Louis, we can provide a helpful hand through any room renovation. At Barefoot Flooring, we ensure that each meeting with our customers provides the utmost assistance and guidance to help you choose the best flooring option for your home.

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Remarkable durability

Often used in high traffic areas and areas susceptible to moisture, vinyl flooring is a favorite of many. What makes it so durable is the many layers it is comprised of; a wear layer, protective layer, clear layer, print layer, cushion layer, and the physical vinyl-backing layer itself.

Outstanding resemblance

Vinyl can replicate almost any other floor type such as stone, wood, and tile. Whether by the plank, tile, or sheet, vinyl flooring can offer some of the highest-quality hardwood or ceramic resemblance available. With its beautiful hardwood or ceramic options, vinyl is a favorite for many homes.

Effortless maintenance

Thanks to its superior features, vinyl flooring can be thoroughly cleaned with just a broom and an approved vinyl floor cleaner. Stains easily come out because of the signature smooth textures of vinyl. It practically takes care of itself!